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Shanghai International Mining Exchange is approved by Shanghai municipality as an internationally-oriented market trading platform. Our goal is to conduct mining rights transactions, electronic commerce, information transfer, financial services, comprehensive consulting integrated as one of the global market service platforms, and provide a platform for domestic and international capital flows and mineral resource related transactions.


Our Business
We are mainly engaged in transactions of international, domestic mining rights, prospecting right, mining enterprise property rights, and also minerals trading, exploration, mining technology transactions, as well as other equity trading. At the same time, we provide trading information services, trading settlement services, transaction advisory services, project evaluation services and investment and financing services for mining enterprises.


Our Features
Transaction function: We ensure that all transactions are conducted in an open, fair, and impartial manner by regulating trade behavior, and reducing transaction risk.
Aggregation: We provide a most extensive collection of information, resources, and services in a global perspective.
Releasing function: We release accurate, timely information at a reasonable price.


Our Advantage
Abundant resources: we are located in the metropolis-Shanghai, which brings together the worlds information resources; listing project types in our exchange are rich; we maintain a good relationship with domestic and foreign government departments at all levels.
Fair trade: We have sound trading rules and advanced trading system, which guarantees fair trade and reasonable prices.
Fund security: Through bond mechanism and exchange platform for financial transactions, we guarantee safety of trading funds; safeguard the interests of both transactions effectively.
Multi-platform cooperation: SHUMX has close cooperation with SUAEE, SEEE, SS-GATE and provincial mineral exchanges. Based on shared platform resources, SHUMX can provide customers with cross-platform services.
Flexible mechanism, quick response: As state-owned economy dominated, many components involved mining right exchange; SHUMX can provide efficient, fast, standardized market services.


Our Clients
Mining industry related companies: mining enterprises, mining equipment enterprises, commodity traders.
Investors: those who are willing to invest in mining industry.
Professional institutions: law firms, accounting firms, financial advisers, brokers, mining right appraisal institution, asset evaluation companies, exploration companies.


Your Revenue
Through the trading platform, SHUMX can make matches of transactions safely and conveniently based on supply and demand.
Through the trading platform, senior broker members can gain after direct investment; senior broker member, brokerage members can obtain commission through brokerage business; Members can obtain service fee by providing professional services after being recommended as project partners. All members can obtain certain proportional transaction costs after the success of the project transactions which are recommended. All members have rights of releasing information, participating various forums and activities organized by SHUMX.


The received program information will be kept strictly confidential, we will not disclose your identity, nor will your detailed information to other customers.
If you have a willingness to contact other customers on our platform, we will send an email to this customer, and formally introduce this customer to you. Then you can share your information and project information in a confidential.


Our Charge
For each project we charge small listing expenses; for each successful transaction, we charge reasonable transaction fees. We focus on different tiers of membership and provide the corresponding services on the basis of collecting the corresponding membership fees.