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Spring water project in Changbaishan

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Project Information
Project No.   20170710383150
Project Name   Spring water project in Changbaishan
Project Classification Property rights of mining companies
Location   Jilin/ China
Minerals   Spring water
Project Information Mining area   9.83 square kilometers
Mining method   Pipeline underground mining
Supporting facilities   

According to a preliminary test, the content of metasilicate in this mineral spring is 30.64mg / L, which is categorized as metasilicic mineral water. The spring is located in Changbai Mountain hilly areas which is known for good natural ecological environment, and rich in a variety of trace elements, and good water quality as well. According to a pre-survey, the flow of this spring is 400 m³ / d. Based on a market research, it found that there is high rate of market potential for the development and utilization of natural mineral water, because of its broad prospects, considerable economic and social benefits.

The type of groundwater is mainly distributed in the valley, the aquifer is mainly sand and sandy gravel, the thickness of aquifer is 5-15m, the buried depth of groundwater is 0.5-5m. The groundwater is rich, according to the depth of 5m calculation, single well watering is 500-1000m ³ / d. The source of groundwater  is mainly due to the supply of the infiltration of meteoric water and the runoff from the river side in high flow period. In low water period, it supplies water to surface water in the form of lateral runoff drainage. The chemistry type of groundwater is calcium carbonate type water, with pH value of 6.8-7.2.

This spring is metasilicic mineral water. In October, 2015, it was took for sample and found that the content of silicic acid was 30.64 mg / L. Xinglong spring is clear and transparent, odorless and tasteless, Chroma 5 degrees, no color, turbidity 3NTU, with cationic sodium content of 8.84mg / L, calcium content of 48.76 mg / L, magnesium ion content of 10.29 mg / L, soluble total solids of 322.07mg / L, bicarbonate Salt content of 203.90 mg / L, and thus it was categorized as calcium carbonate type water. Test report shows that the nitrate is 14mg / L, nitrite 0.00 mg / L, oxygen consumption of 0.32mg / L, in line with 《drinking natural mineral water》 (GB8537-2008) standards.

Progress   1. 《Hai Long, Liaoyuan amplitude 1: 200,000 geological survey report》 was completed by the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Geological Survey in 1976 and 1978. The report establishes the stratigraphic sequence in the survey area, divides the magmatic rocks, points out the relationship between the magmatic activity and the mineralization, and basically identifies the tectonic profile and the trunk tectonic system. 2. 《Jilin Province, the eastern mountain 1: 500,000 hydrogeological survey report》 was completed by the second hydrogeological engineering geological brigade of the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. The report provides a scientific basis for the long-term planning of the national economy; points out the direction for the professional hydrogeological exploration; initially identified the formation conditions and distribution of regional groundwater; calculated natural resources of the natural mineral water, and studied with the national economic construction and hydrogeological problems, and geological features of regional engineering. 3. 《Jilin Province in the eastern region 1: 500,000 mineral water resources census report》 was completed by hydrogeological engineering geological team of Jilin Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources in 1991. The report initially predicts the distribution, type and characteristics of natural mineral water in the eastern mountainous area of Jilin Province, and the conditions of natural mineral water, which points out the direction for the future investigation and evaluation of natural mineral water.
Cooperation   Flexible transaction modes, JV and fully transfer are both okay.
Quoted Price   200,000,000 RMB
Deadline   2017.7.25-2018.7.24
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