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A Copper Mine Transfer in Congo

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Project Information
Project No.   20170610383110
Project Name   A Copper Mine Transfer in Congo
Project Classification Equity of Mining Company
Location   Congo
Minerals   Copper
Project Information Mining area   Length of ore body: 11km (while the length scope according to the license is 8km; Current depth is 1,107m, and the depth is estimated to be more than 1,400m.

Reserves measured: 403,880t;

Reserves estimated: 1,023,360t.

Mining method   Underground Mining
Supporting facilities   

Electricity supply: a 3.3kV line is supplied to the mine.

Water supply:  Totally 7 pumps (900kW), each pump pumps 600m3 per hour, and there are 3 to 4 pumps work together, so the total amount of the water pumped is 2100m3.

Railway route: connected with the national railway network, but the railway system maybe not stabe. While the project company has a very good locomotive system.

Land carriage: most reliable transport way, mainly used for the output of products and purchase equipments in South Africa.

Air lift: there are many cargo liner routes in HEWA BORA from JOHANNESBURG to LUBUMBASHI. 

Progress   The copper resource is 600m under the ground, while the detailed resource reserves are not proved yet. The mine was handled by various country teams, including Japan, Canada, Sodimico and etc. The mine was first mined in 1972, the peak period of the production is 1976. 1.67MT cooper at the grade of 2.49%. Then the production and grade is lower and lower. And stop running in 2002. In 1972 to 2002, the total production is 18.83MT at the average grade of 2.29%. The exploration permit will be expired in October, 2019.
Cooperation   Full transfer
Quoted Price   USD5,000
Deadline   2017-06-26 to 2018-06-25
Address    Zip Code   
Name   Eric Wang Website   www.shumx.com
Telephone   +86-21-66283339 Fax   
Mobile phone    E-mail   ericwang@shumx.com

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