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A Coal Mine Transfer Project in Shanxi

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Project Information
Project No.   20170610383120
Project Name   A Coal Mine Transfer Project in Shanxi
Project Classification Equity of Mining Company
Location   Shanxi
Minerals   Coal
Project Information Mining area   20.36km2

According to the record files of the reconnaissance report, the resource reserves of the mine are evaluated to be 72,840,000t.

Mining method   
Supporting facilities   

The project mine is located in Huanglong coalfield of Shanxi. It has simple geologic structure, good mining condition and good quality of coal.

The mining area is 6km away to the town, 15km to the high way. Beside this, the railway special line for coal is under construction. So the transportation is quite convenient.

A 110kV transmission power station in the mining area;

Well-drained, rivers cross the well field, a reservoir is 5km east to the mining area.

The main mining coal seam is 4-2 coal. The details of the seam is shown below:

Lowest depth: 50m; Highest depth: 290m;

Floor level: 1,020m (highest); 780m (lowest);

Thickness of coal seam can be mined: 0.8-5.47m, at the average thickness of 4.03m;

Structure is quite simple, and the seam is quite stabilized.

Progress   The exploration work has been finished, and got the certificate of reserve assessment for mineral resources in Shanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources; Approved by Ministry of Land and Resources, the reply of the area of coal mine is gained.
Cooperation   -Flexible cooperation -Open for discussion
Quoted Price   Interview
Deadline   2017-06-26 to 2018-06-25
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Name   Eric Wang Website   www.shumx.com
Telephone   +86-21-66283339 Fax   
Mobile phone    E-mail   ericwang@shumx.com

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