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A Gold Mine in Inner-Mongolia

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Project Information
Project No.   20170910383190
Project Name   A Gold Mine in Inner-Mongolia
Project Classification Equity of mining company
Location   Inner Mongolia
Minerals   Gold
Project Information Mining area   112.48km2

Identified Au ore extent: 2,423,515t;

Metal of Au: 17,530.85kg;

Recoverable ore extent: 944,209t;

Metal of Au: 4,766.68kg

Average grade: 5.07×10-6

Mining method   Underground Mining
Supporting facilities   

  • The mine is firstly built in 1975.
  • The project company owns a mining right area with 15.58km2 and 7 exploration right areas with the whole area of 96.9km2.
  • There are 3 production mining sites in the mining right area.
  • The registered asset of the company is 20million RMB, and there are 3 production mining areas, a plant, and completed facilities. The production scale is 150k/a.


The old tailings pond was designed in 1987, and the capacity was designed about 1570km2. Till the end of 2016, 150km2 was used. Now the service time will be over recently, the production need cannot be satisfied.

Building a new tailing pond is on the plan. 15130000RMB is planned to be invested. 5430000 RMB was invested in 2016, and 9700000 RMB in planned to be invested in 2017.

Cooperation   Flexible cooperation, and open for discussion.
Quoted Price   
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Name   Eric Wang Website   www.shumx.com
Telephone   +86-21-66283339 Fax   
Mobile phone    E-mail   ericwang@shumx.com

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