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Copper Mine Development project in Gansu

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Project Information
Project No.   20170810383180
Project Name   Copper Mine Development project in Gansu
Project Classification Equity of mining company
Location   Gansu/China
Minerals   Copper
Project Information Mining area   
Mining method   
Supporting facilities   

  • The project is beginning its prospecting in 2001, and be the ‘Gansu Geological Prospecting Fund’ in 2009, after then, the detail work was carried out.
  • After years of prospecting and detailed survey, the works of detailed terrain measuring, drilling, geological mapping, geophysical prospecting and etc.
  • Copper resource extent is 203.7kt.
  • The project is with great prospecting potential, and the condition to be industrial development.
  • In order to develop the copper resource in the whole county, here is a plan for the copper resource development. The project is plan to build in the industrial zone, which is 7km to the city and with convenient transport. There are also 110kv and 330kv transmission power stations and a 750kv transmission and transformation line. 


The preliminary geological survey is completed and preliminary work is carried out.

Cooperation   Total investment: 1.2 billion RMB, Annual production value: 0.5 billion RMB, Profit and tax: 0.12 billion RMB
Quoted Price   Interview
Deadline   From August 30th, 2017 to August 29th , 2018
Address    Zip Code   
Name   Eric Wang Website   www.shumx.com
Telephone   +86-21-66283339 Fax   
Mobile phone    E-mail   ericwang@shumx.com

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