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A copper plymetallic mine transfer in Inner Mongolia

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Project Information
Project No.   20170310383070
Project Name   A copper plymetallic mine transfer in Inner Mongolia
Project Classification Equity of mining company
Location   Inner Mongolia
Minerals   copper plymetallic
Project Information Mining area   21.98km2
Mining method   
Supporting facilities   

54km to Erenhot, and 150km to Mandalt, so transportation is quite convenient.

The altitude is between 1,000 to 1,100m, and the relative relief is less than 100m. Water is not developed in the area.

The working area is located in the makino prairie area of the border regions. The population density is less than 1 people per square kilometers. 

Weak economy in the area. Industry is not developed, while the potential of mining resource is quite well.

Copper, iron, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium tantalum, fluorite, coal and etc are found, but the degree of prospecting work is low, many of the elements are not developed.

Cooperation   Flexible cooperation; open for discussion.
Quoted Price   
Deadline   2016-04-26 to 2017-04-26
Address    Zip Code   
Name   Eric Wang Website   www.shumx.com
Telephone   +86-21-66283339 Fax   
Mobile phone    E-mail   ericwang@shumx.com

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